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Each Applicant and Co-applicant consents to N. Tepperman Limited’s (including its agents) collection, use and disclosure of the personal information collected by this Account Application, by any Credit Purchase Agreements subsequently entered into by the Applicant and as otherwise from time to time directly or indirectly collected by N. Tepperman Limited in connection with the Applicant’s account for a variety of purposes which are documented on N. Tepperman Limited’s Privacy Statement. These purposes are also reproduced below on this Account Application.  Please take notice that this consent allows N. Tepperman Limited to collect a credit score and/or report:  upon submission of an Account Application; at any time a Credit Purchase Agreement is entered into; and periodically throughout any time during which a payment obligation to N. Tepperman Limited is outstanding.  Further this consent allows N. Tepperman Limited  to collect a credit score periodically at any time prior to your Account being closed, whether or not there is any payment obligation to N. Tepperman Limited outstanding.

Purposes for collection, use and disclosure of personal information: The collection, use and disclosure of the personal information contained herein is for the following purposes: (i) providing an identifier and directing communications for the Account Application and Credit Purchase Agreements; (ii) verifying identity and preventing fraud; (iii) creating access controls for on-line applications; (iv) credit report matching; (v) assessing creditworthiness, including making determinations about whether or not to extend credit; (vi) administering and managing the credit relationship including maintaining records, monitoring credit status and continuing eligibility for credit (vii) obtaining detail regarding possible realizable assets or other detail relevant to collection proceedings; (viii) registering and perfecting liens, including providing notice to interested third parties or taking other collection measures, if N. Tepperman Limited’s determines it is necessary (x) meeting N. Tepperman Limited’s contractual commitments and otherwise following standard practice vis a vis credit reporting agencies, including for example reporting purchases and timeliness of required payments. (xi) seeking financing from lenders and/or meeting N. Tepperman Limited’s contractual commitments and otherwise follow standard practice vis a vis lenders (xii) seeking insurance coverage from insurers and/or meet N. Tepperman Limited’s contractual commitments and otherwise following standard practice vis a vis insurers (xiii) any other purposes required in connection with the foregoing or permitted by law. N. Tepperman Limited’s Privacy Statement can be accessed online at www.teppermans.com/en/terms.

Each Applicant and Co-Applicant hereby unconditionally and irrevocably guarantees the prompt payment and performance to N. Tepperman Ltd., forthwith upon demand, of all present and future purchases up to the principal amount of $10,000.00 and related obligations and liabilities incurred by the other Applicant or Co-Applicant(s). For clarity, the $10,000.00 maximum principal amount does not include any purchases made by the Applicant and Co-Applicant against whom this guarantee is being enforced, whether such purchases were individually, or jointly and severally with the other Applicant or Co-Applicant(s) and/or other persons. The $10,000.00 maximum principal amount only applies in respect of purchases in respect of which the applicable Applicant or Co-Applicant was not a direct party. For direct purchases the liability is unlimited. No delay on the part of N. Tepperman Ltd. in exercising any of its rights hereunder shall constitute a waiver thereof. The obligations hereunder shall not be discharged by partial payment of the liabilities, stay of proceedings by reason of bankruptcy, invalidity of security, set-off rights or failure to make demand for performance or proceed against any security or the other Applicant or Co-Applicant(s) or other person obligated such as a Co-Signor.

Each Applicant and Co-Applicant acknowledges and accepts that this Account Application is for a preliminary assessment of credit only and is not an extension of credit. Completion of this Account Application by the Applicant and/or Co-Applicant creates no obligation on N. Tepperman Limited to offer or extend credit to the Applicant. Any credit extended by N. Tepperman Limited will be by way of independent Credit Purchase Agreements entered into between N. Tepperman Limited and the Applicant at the time of each purchase.

Each Applicant and Co-applicant consents to N. Tepperman Limited (including it's agents) leaving messages from time to time, whether voice or SMS, regarding account and purchase related information on any one or more of the phone numbers provided on this application.  Further, each Applicant and Co-Applicant consents to account and purchase related information to be emailed to the email address provided.  In providing this consent, each Applicant and Co-Applicant acknowledges and accepts that there are many risks which can compromise email and email is not guaranteed to be secure, confidential or error-free. 

Personal Information

If you choose to provide your Social Insurance Number, we will use it to verify your identity through a credit bureau match and reduce the risk of someone else opening an account in your name. Once your application has been processed your Social Insurance Number will be deleted from our records

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